If you’re reading this you’re either my mum or someone who likes my work.  Either way, thanks for looking and I love you.

My name is Rodger Wang and I write ads, shoot videos and take photos.  Over the years I’ve made a living doing one of those three things and I love it.  Being able to do all three keeps my work fresh and keeps me in a state of constantly challenging myself.

My work in the past has been largely one-man band bounty creative.  I’ll be with you all the way from writing to shooting to publishing.  When the work gets bigger I summon a ragtag group of creatives to get it done.  Kind of like Suicide Squad but without the disappointment.

What I’m looking for are fellow creatives that are into ideas as much as I am to work with and work for.

What I’m looking for are clients who like my work and would like me to do what I do best for you.

(Rule of threes: What I’m looking for is good music.  Send some tracks to me on Spotify)



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