Tonight I watched a documentary on Netflix called Minimalist: A Documentary About the Important Things.

This Netflix doc explores the life and message of giving up the template of wanting and buy things and instead, focus on what really matters in life.

First of all this is not a review.  Just thoughts I had about the flick and the subject matter.  Nothing will be spoilt and it’s definitely worth a watch.

I would sometimes call myself a minimalist.  I have gone through phase of decluttering, to the point that my friends have thought I was dying.  I constantly look around the house to see if there’s anything that needs to go, yet I spend too much time shopping and looking at new photography gear and what I could sell to fund a new gear crush.

This doc is a helpful reminder of why I was attracted to slimming down possessions in the first place.  It’s meant to be about enjoying life and the people around you as oppose to spending too much time bogged down with things.  But when you spend so much time figuring out how to live in a stripped back lifestyle, the thought and time you put into ‘things’ makes a minimalist kind of a hypocrite.

The film explores a few aspects on why this practice is important in this day and age; the cultural degradation due to the increase of advertising and time spent on mobile devices; and it spends time dealing with the emotional side of it all.  It was a doc that had an interesting subject, and enough reminders on things we already know but have left in the back of our minds.  It’s time to bring what matters back in our life, by stripping back the things we use, in order to add more value to our happiness and inner peace.

Watch the trailer here or watch it on Netflix.

Hopefully this post made sense to someone who hasn’t seen it.  I just needed to write something this week and didn’t feel like polishing up the drafts I had saved.