Welcome to this blog.  A blog I’m not sure if I’ll keep up or enjoy writing.  All I know in recent years I’ve done enough work and read enough material that I feel like I might have a fresh angle to share my still limited knowledge and experience.

I’m a guy who has dabbled in a lot of creative fields and worked in them either as an employee or as a freelancer.  They tend to start with me saying yes to whatever and figuring a way to deliver to my clients.  These fields include filmmaking, corporate video production, graphic design, video editing, photography, copywriting and social media writing.

These tend to be the things I’ve had repeated business in so I’ll be brave and say I’m good at doing them.  But first and foremost, I’m a photographer and I’m a videographer.

In the coming post I’ll hopefully write a lot about photography, filmmaking, video editing and even advertising.  It’ll be a blog for someone like me to read.  So if you find yourself returning back to read my post, then congrats!  You’re me!  You like the same things as I do and we should be friends.

So take some time and go through my work.  I’m proud of what I’ve done, and still a lot of room to improve.  It’s a good place to be right now.  Hopefully it’ll take me somewhere great.